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May 21, 2024
519Pursuit first got involved with Pillar and Innovation Works through the Libro Social Enterprise Incubator program supported by Libro Credit Union. During this time, the idea of the 519Pledge for Socks campaign was imagined. Thanks to the connections made by being a Pillar member, 519Pursuit developed partnerships with the London Food Bank. RBC Place, and Youth Opportunities Unlimited to coordinate support for unhoused individuals. In 2023, 519Pursuit returned to Innovation... Read More
May 14, 2024
IGNITING HOPE is an organization that intends t o Support and Empower diverse individuals, including Children, Youths, Single Mothers, Women, Seniors, and those facing difficulties, through inclusive programs that promote positivity, wellness, and growth within our community. What do you want people to know about how you or your organization is creating change in our community? Comprehensive Support for Vulnerable Communities IGNITING HOPE is committed to providing comprehensive support to... Read More
May 8, 2024
Pillar Nonprofit Network is reimagining our membership program to better support equity, resilience, and sustainable growth in the nonprofit sector and better enable individuals and purpose-driven businesses to connect to that work. We see this as a re-think of Pillar’s role in connecting and convening the network for better impact and better cross-sector collaboration, the heart of our founding mission. Please take two minutes to review these ideas and then two more minutes to offer your own ideas in a very short Information for Action survey.Read More
May 7, 2024
Almost 8 years ago, we opened Innovation Works to unite nonprofits, businesses and individuals to collaborate and solve some of the community's most pressing challenges - together. Indwell, a Christian charity that creates affordable housing communities, became a co-tenant at Innovation Works in 2019. They quickly got involved in community events and networking opportunities. In 2020, Indwell opened Woodfield Gate, a 72-unit building that offers affordable housing to some of... Read More
May 6, 2024
MEDIA RELEASE LONDON, ON. May 6, 2024 – “ The Unseen Commuters: Navigating Injustices In Urban Mobility ” booklet contains eight stories based on real life situations describing mobility inequity experiences of individuals stripped of fundamental human rights including the right to safety, freedom of movement and the right to live. Plus a fictional story of an aspirational future where life could be different for the better. During the book... Read More
May 2, 2024
Over the past three years, Luis Patricio has been educating the London community on how to use and participate in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their work. He has also supported them in using the SDGs as a framework for showcasing the impact their organizations have on the communities they serve. As the SDG Cities program comes to an end, Luis has transitioned into a new... Read More
May 1, 2024
Text reading, "Happy International Workers’ Day! | Is Work  Decent Yet?" with illustrations of a woman in scrubs and a group of women working around a desk.
On the occasion of International Workers' Day, a roundup of recent developments in the campaigns for Decent Work issues and the need for a nonprofit labour force development strategy.Read More
April 25, 2024
Text readng, "Pillar joins nonprofit colleagues to applaud generational sector survey by StatsCan and warn more is needed to address sector’s longtime data deficit," illustrated with Pillar Nonprofit Network logo and two cameos, one showing a group gathered around a laptop, the other a woman holding a tablet
Pillar Nonprofit Network has joined colleagues in the Federal Nonprofit Data Coalition in co-writing and co-signing a statement applauding Statistics Canada for its generational survey of the nonprofit sector, but warning it will take more than that to close a persistent nonprofit data deficit.Read More
April 19, 2024
Adorned with the Pillar Nonprofit Network logo and cameos of London Mayor Josh Morgan addressing people at Innovation Works, banner reads "AGM 2024" and "'Not-for-profits need to rightly take their place and recognition in the city as significant contributors to the economic prosperity of the City of London.' ~ Mayor Josh Morgan" and the
Members of the London region’s nonprofit umbrella organization gathered this week to recognize the organization’s impact and advocacy wins; to elect two new board members; and to hear from London’s mayor how nonprofits will figure in the City’s economic development plan.Read More
April 18, 2024
Cultural Gully is an events and entertainment company, who mission is to share culture without boundaries or judgement. We are passionate about bringing communities together from all South Asian backgrounds and want to create oneness within all. What do you want people to know about how you or your organization is creating change in our community? We want to unite people from across South Asia, as well as invite people... Read More


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