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The shortest distance between two people is a story. Stories are the most persuasive tool that we have; they evoke empathy and inspire action. 
We also understand it can be difficult to get your story out into the community. 

At Pillar, we are committed to using our platform to help our members tell their stories, to show the positive impact of our collective action and to shed light on the issues still facing our communities. We want to share how your organization is working to serve our community. 

Are you working on something new? Have you had some success that we could all learn from, or even a failure that has helped you grow? Please consider sharing your story so our network can continue to learn from and lean on each other.

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Latest Member Moment Stories

February 13, 2023
Organization/Business: Every Canadian Counts Short Bio or Organizational Mission: There is an urgent need to provide disabled Canadians and their families access to a fully funded program that meets their needs for a decent life. Currently they are denied even the most basic supports and services. The crisis is clearly...Read more

November 17, 2022
Organization/Business: The London Search and Rescue Team Short Bio or Organizational Mission: The London Search and Rescue team is excited to announce that our Fall Recruitment Class will graduate November 20 2022. This will increase our operational efficiency from 50 to 70 fully trained volunteer searchers. Our searchers are on...Read more

November 1, 2022
Organization/Business: Childreach Short Bio or Organizational Mission: With 47 years of service provision in the London area, Childreach is considered a leader in parent support and continuing education for early years professionals. Since 1975, Childreach has offered early years’ educational programming at no cost, in a barrier-free manner. Currently, Childreach...Read more

November 1, 2022
Organization/Business: The London Environmental Network Short Bio or Organizational Mission: The London Environmental Network helps to protect our environment and build a more sustainable community by building participation, collaboration, and capacity in our community to co-create positive environmental change. Our vision is for London to be known as one of...Read more

October 7, 2022
Organization/Business: BGC London BGC London is a community organization that provides activities for children and youth whenever school is out, and during the day for older adults 55 and over. Our mission is to provide safe, supportive places where children, youth, and seniors can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build...Read more

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