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Our members:

  • Have their head office, conduct business or reside in London and the surrounding area;
  • Range from grassroots organizations and initiatives, to large nonprofit organizations and businesses, to individuals committed to our community

Together, Pillar members form a network of like-minded individuals, committed to increasing their visibility, credibility, capacity, and impact. Their dedication strengthens the effectiveness of the sector as a whole and positions the nonprofit sector alongside government and businesses in the pursuit of postive community change.


  Without a strong, stable and reliable public sector, we cannot be a community. Without an innovative, responsive and vibrant private sector, we cannot be a community. Without a caring, creative and compassionate voluntary sector, we cannot be a community. Without any of these three pillars, the community collapses. When these three pillars work in collaboration, harmony and mutual respect, the sky will be the limit.

- Willy Van Klooster - Founding Board Chair, Pillar Nonprofit Network


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Membership Benefits

When your organization or company is a Pillar member, your whole team can access the membership benefits below!
Benefits marked with a single asterisk (*) are available only to Nonprofit Organization Members. 

Save on Programs and Services

  • Post for FREE on Pillar's volunteer, job, and event boards online*
  • Save 25% on Pillar workshops, webinars and events designed for London's social impact sector
  • Bring your meetings and events to Innovation Works, the co-working and event space owned and operated by Pillar Nonprofit Network, with discounted rates 

Heighten Your V
isibility and Credibility

  • Receive a personalized organization profile in Pillar's online member directory
  • Homepage real estate on Pillar's website promoting your volunteer opportunities, events & jobs*
  • Be recognized as part of a well-respected network of individuals, associations, nonprofits and charities, demonstrating their commitment to strengthening the impact of the nonprofit sector

Acquire the Necessary Tools

  • Access exclusive resources including Pillar's media list**, governance and operational policy handbooks, volunteer management handbook, and more
  • Receive discounts & special offers from community partners including Grant Connect, Western Continuing Studies, HRdownloads, Keela, and the Boland Survey's nonprofit compensation data
  • Receive member-only emails and be kept up to date on funding opportunities and policy alert emails to for critical developments in local, provincial and federal policy affecting the social impact sector

**Pillar maintains a list of print, radio, and television contacts. The list includes ethno-cultural print, broadcasting media and free website for event postings.

Connect with the Nonprofit Community

  • Connect with local nonprofit organizations through Pillar Member events
  • Benefit from Pillar's association with nonprofits across Canada including the Canadian Federation of Voluntary Sector Networks, Imagine Canada, and the Ontario Nonprofit Network
  • Participate in focus groups, committees and surveys that address issues affecting the nonprofit sector
  • Cast one (1) vote at general member meetings*


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Thank you for your decision to join us as a member! All new memberships are reviewed and if your organization is not eligible according to our bylaws, we will reach out and offer a refund.

Expand any field to learn more about benefits, fees, and eligibility, and click the corresponding button to sign up as Individual, Business or Nonprofit.

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Membership Criteria and Fees  >>$75 / Year$100 - $600 / Year$75 - $400 / Year

Membership Types, Criteria, and Fees

Individual Members

Individual Members support Pillar's work and vision and are interested in professional development, networking and consulting opportunities.

Business Members

Business Members are businesses and for-profit social enterprises that are invested in positive community impact.

Nonprofit Organization Members

Nonprofit Organization Members are registered charities and nonprofit organizations with a genuine interest in furthering Pillar's objectives, that want to increase their visibility and credibility.

Nonprofit organizations include any nonprofit corporation, association or network (incorporated or unincorporated) which have the following characteristics:

1. They have their own decision making process
2. They exist to serve a public benefit
3. Profit is not distributed to members
4. They depend on volunteers in some way, even if only on a Board of Directors
5. They are independent from public and private sectors, although some may be dependent upon those sectors for funding and service partnerships. 

Membership Period

All membership types are valid for one year on the date payment is received.


Membership fees are non-refundable.

Membership Fees

Individual Membership fees are one flat annual fee of $75

Nonprofit and Business Membership fees are based on your company or organization's operating budget. Please choose the investment fee that is applicable to your organization: 

  Business Members Nonprofit Organization Members
Operating Budget under $100,000 $100 $75
Operating Budget $100,000-$1,000,000 $300 $200
Operating Budget over $1,000,000 $600 $400

Save 25% on Training & Events  >>yes you canyes you canyes you can

Save 25% on nonprofit training, workshops, webinars and events to boost knowledge and build networks. Check out what's coming up here.

Save on Meeting & Event Space  >>yes you canyes you canyes you can

Bring your meetings and events to Innovation Works with discounted rates on space rentals.

Member Mail  >>yes you canyes you canyes you can

Receive regular Member Mail emails highlighting special offers, funding opportunities and public policy updates

Resources & Information  >>yes you canyes you canyes you can

Access free information, resources, and templates available only to Pillar members.

Listing on Organization Directory  >>yes you canyes you can

Help your organization get noticed on Pillar's website with a custom organization profile.

Your profile is a way for people to learn about what organization or business and how to contact you. For nonprofits and charities, your profile also includes a list of all your current events and opportunities.

Post Volunteer Opportunities, Job Openings & Events  >>yes you can

Connect with talent eager to engage in the nonprofit sector and spread the word about upcoming events. 

As a nonprofit organization, your membership includes unlimited posts on our website for volunteers, jobs and events.

Vote at Annual General Meetings  >>yes you can

Whether you're looking for volunteer opportunities,
networking events or a job in the nonprofit sector, we can help.